With a name like, It’s a Dominican ThingIt’s a Dominican Thing, you really expect the restaurant to represent authentic Dominican food. Since I’m not Dominican, I can’t make any claims that I’m sure of what Dominican food should taste like but I sure hope tonight’s dinner is not. I’ve had Dominican food before and enjoyed it very much but tonight’s dinner was a big disappointment.

We split the Un “Chin” de todo, a sampler platter of all the appetizers, highly recommended by our waiter. The croquetas de platano (sweet plantain and beef croquette) was the only one we actually liked and there was only one on the plate when everything else came in pairs. The wings and the Kipes (ground beef and wheat balls) were ok. The bollitos (cassava stuffed with beef) was tasteless. The cod fish fritters tasted like fried dough. Where was the cod? The fried Dominican cheese shouldn’t have been fried. It just made the exterior taste like it was covered in a layer of plastic. The empanadas were tiny and barely had filling in them and now that I’m looking at the menu again, I realized that we didn’t get the pasteles.

Since we got this big sampler platter, Lon and I both got salad entrees. I got one with shrimp and he got one with chicken. Both were on a bed of cabbage salad. My shrimp were actually cooked perfectly but Lon’s chicken was dry and very salty.

For two people who usually clean our plates, there was a lot left over, and we weren’t full. It was a pretty bad dining experience for us but don’t worry, we don’t think it’s a Dominican thing.

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