I snack on pretzels pretty often but I’m not generally loyal to any brand. There are slight differences in quality but not much, so I’ll usually just buy whichever one is on sale. That’s how I came across Herr’s Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks. I was a bit reluctant since I’m not a fan of Herr’s potato chips but I’m glad I gave them a shot. These “multigrain pretzels with flax and honey” are actually unique in the world of pretzels. For some reason, I taste pumpernickel but the ingredients include everything but…..tons of different grains and poppy, sesame, and caraway seeds. Lon and I also noted that they use a good salt on the outside. If you’re not worried about your sodium intake, try this healthy snack.

*Update (11/18/07) – We just got another bag of the Herr’s Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks. While they are still delicious and probably my favorite in pretzels, I don’t taste the strong pumpernickel this time.

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