Last night I ate one of the best pieces of chicken of my life, if not the best.

When I came home from work, Jessica was standing over a freshly butchered chicken from D’Artagnan (as in ducks, not Dumas). We had never tried one of their items before, and we were eager to see if the organic aspect (no antibiotics, no growth hormones, no arsenicals and no artificial light) made a difference in the taste. I joked about deep frying the bird, but Jessica had a better idea.

Using the Crispy Baked Chicken recipe from Karen Wingate on AllRecipes as inspiration, Jessica coated the chicken in one beaten egg (rather than milk) and baked the chicken, also excluding the melted butter from the recipe. It’s a good thing too, this was one of the juiciest chickens either of us have eaten. To give credit where it’s due, Jessica did a perfect job cooking it, and the recipe was a great recipe; but this bird played a big role.

The meat had a wonderful texture and for once, the saying, “it tastes like chicken” meant something. The natural fat from the skin crisped the cornmeal perfectly; and, both the white and dark meat portions tasted rich.

Even if you can’t get your hands on the D’Artagnan chicken, I recommend you try the recipe. However, the chicken is worth every penny and can be ordered online, either direct from D’Artagnan or you can order on Amazon. We, for sure, will be trying a few more of their products in upcoming posts.

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