I ran the Naples – New York Park to Park race this morning in Central Park as part of Team in Training. Lon and Ice came to cheer me on in my second race ever. This was my first experience ever in grabbing water while running and while I did manage to hydrate, I also snorted water up my nose, and spilled it all over myself.

After the race, we headed south to find an area for Ice to play ball. After Ice was completely worn out, we headed out of the park in search for lunch with outdoor seating and found Cilantro.Cilantro A basket of fried tortillas with cinnamon and 2 mini blueberry muffins(delicious) is placed on the table for customers to much while browsing the menu. Lon chose steak and eggs which comes with flour tortillas and home fries (Lon asked to substitute it with the spicy fries). The steak and tortillas were good, the eggs were excellent, the fries were horrible. I chose the shrimp fajitas which came with a great green sauce. The peppers and onions were oily but the overall flavors worked and we were generally happy with our meal. It’s a good place for an inexpensive low maintenance meal.

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