I went to a networking Lunch at Opia yesterday. When work pays for food, I shouldn’t complain but my duty is to tell the world where to eat.

It was a pre-fixed package that started with a Ceaser salad. I didn’t eat it so I won’t comment. Then we had a choice between 3 main courses. There was a plain penne in red sauce (nothing else in it), a chicken dish with french fries that looked like a diner dish, and the salmon dish I chose. It was pan-fried and plated nicely with a saffron sauce, rice, and some greens. It looked pretty nice but tasted just ok, the main problem being that the salmon was very overcooked. The dessert was a nice cup of (I think) coconut ice cream. strawberry ice cream, and raspberry/lemon sorbet with a tuille.

It wasn’t terrible but I wouldn’t go back.

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