We received a request (in the form of a comment from DelectaBILL) to find out if the rumors about In-N-Out Burger (founded by the late Esther Synder) coming to NYC were true. Such rumors are being discussed on FlyerTalk, Goner Records, and on other blogs. So far, even, A Hamburger Today doesn’t know for sure.

So I’ve sent an email to In-N-Out corporate and hope to hear back. I guess in the mean time, we’ll just have to keep eating the very similar, Blue 9 Burger Blue 9 Burger burgers, frieds, and shakes!

We received a response from In-N-Out Burger:

Thank you for your e-mail, and for your inquiry regarding our future expansion.

Although at this time it is just a rumor, we sincerely appreciate your interest.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.


Aimee Cherry
Customer Service Representative

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