This Maryland style waterfront crabhouse is actually in Brooklyn. It is a bit tough to find but well worth the effort. My friend Anthony told me about Clemente’s Maryland Crabhouse Clemente’s Maryland Crabhouse a few days ago and when I shared the info with Lon and my parents, we didn’t hesitate to check it out ourselves.

For $29.95, it’s All-You-Can-Eat crab. They prepare it in 2 ways, the traditional Old Bay or garlic and oil. Both ways taste great and the crab is cooked perfectly!! It comes with not so good corn and decent french fries, and a roll of paper towels, shell crackers, and bibs. There’s also a whole menu of other items like soup, salads, and other seafood dishes. The service is good and the waitresses are always eager to bring you more crabs.

It took me almost 3 hours to eat 12 crabs and a plate of french fries (that’s refillable too) and I’m dying to do it again. This is going on my list of favorite things to do on the weekends!

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