You’d think that Cafe Fiorello Cafe Fiorello would be a tourist trap since it’s across from Lincoln Center, but it’s actually got great food. After attending the last night of Midsummer Night Swing, we headed over for dinner.

The table of 5 shared 2 appetizers. The prosciutto with melon was delicious. Fresh melon, expertly sliced meat, and a surprise dab of marscapone. What a nice touch! The salad of poached pears, sugared pecans, and fried goat cheese was fantastic. The blackberry dressing was unique and wonderful. Sadly, this item is a special and not available on their regular menu.

Most of us ordered pizzas, which are super thin with quality ingredients. Lon had their signature lasagna. It looks like a lasagna pastry with 3 meatballs on top. It’s yummy! My only regret is not coordinating to order a wider variety of foods. They have an amazing display of antipastos in front. I stared on my way out wishing I could have some.

I went to Cafe Fiorello years ago with my family and it was a great dinner for all of us then too. The prices are right. I need to go back more often.

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