The incredibly poor quality image to the right is that of a tube of special caviar made cod fish. Normally, cod (and it’s subsequent family members haddock, whiting, and pollock) are considered mild flavored (a.k.a. tasteless) fish. How so then is their roe so damn delicious!?

It turns out that by curing the roe and adding just the right ingredients, and injecting the product into a blue cylinder, you can actually create a tube of heaven, and it would be called Bryggen Kaviar. The product is sold by Domstein Enghav, who in their parent company’s business concept page says “Domstein shall be… the preferred supplier of marine value added products in selected markets.” Well if the market is bacon toothpaste, then my god, they have succeeded!

The products ingredients are 1/2 sugar salted and smoked roe (52%) from codfish caught in the North East Atlantic Ocean, rapeseed oil, sugar, water, salt, potato flakes, tomato puree, preservative, anti-oxidant, citric acid, and colour. The result is absolutely delicious! Kelly, Jessica’s mom, brought back this product from a recent trip to Norway. Both of Kelly and I think this stuff is incredible, plain on a cracker, or as a base ingredient. Jessica and Justin were not as excited by it.

This reminds me (oddly, since it’s totally unrelated), to Taramosalata, a Turkish dish made from cod roe. I’ve had Tarama a few times, prepared to varying degrees of success. If you’re in NYC, you could try it at Taksim (in the East Village Taksim E. Village or Midtown Taksim Midtown).

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