Oh boy… it’s the secret recipe site! There’s been countless (useless) news stories on TV about how Todd Wilbur figured out the recipe for Pizza Hut or Krispy Kreme or Vitamin Water, and usually I forget about it. By the way, he’s been on Food Network quite a few times. But sometimes those recipes are handy to know. Large companies often figure out little secrets that make food taste great, which can be leveraged in everyday cooking. Well at Top Secret Recipes (.com), they’ve got the list!

From 7-Eleven Cherry Slurpee to York Peppermint Pattie there are over 370 recipes to read through, so this site is going to take a while.

THE CATCH: Unlike the motto of the ‘net (free=good), at Top Secret Recipes, not everything is free. It looks like about 20% of the recipes are free to review, the others seem to cost about 79 cents, a good deal by me. So, while I don’t mind the pricing, I hate that they use Flash to block copying the text. Ugh, DRM wins out over functionality.

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