As some of you may have noticed by now, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Murray Hill, at a client lately. The largest deli in the area is Susie’s Kitchen Susie’s Kitchen. It’s the same as many other delis in the city, just larger. They have a salad station, burrito station, sandwich/deli counter, hot/cold buffet, wide drink selection, pre-made sushi, and various soups and miscellaneous other standard fare. If they’re so typical, why am I calling them out?

Susie’s Kitchen is the worst deli in Manhattan! The clerks who work there are nice, so that’s not an issue; although the sandwich clerks have never assembled a sandwich correctly (for me or others I witness). But the main problem is their food — it’s consistently horrible. Figuring out how they manage to produce such horrible tasting items is beyond me. It might be the ingredients?

For example, their roast beef, is served semi-frozen, along with the thickly-sliced tomato they put on it. Their chicken has zero flavor. I tried a burrito and it tasted like a bag of over cooked rice. On the buffet last week they had a huge pile of fried whole fish (they looked like sardines). What deli puts that out? I was not surprised that at 2:30pm the entire pile was still there.

And, finally, the oddest part. A few times I’ve eaten various egg-based breakfasts (sandwiches, burrito, platters) from Susie’s. They are all horrible. I recommend an experiment. If you have $7 dollars and time to spare: order a sausage, egg, and cheese on a toasted English muffin from Susie’s. Then walk down the block to the Cafe & Deli, with a brown awning. I believe it’s called AristotleTaza Cafe & Deli Taza. Compare the two. See what a fantastic breakfast and a horrible breakfast are like side-by-side.

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