For Stephen’s birthday, we hung out at his place and ordered in. Stephen chose to order from Spice Noodle, Spice Noodle a Thai place they ordered from before. It’s a good thing we were full from chips and spinach dip because they forgot Stephen’s curry dish (which they realized themselves so it was brought over fairly quickly) and Lon and I thought the food was pretty terrible.

I ordered a beef Pad See Yu, which is already the ultimate safety dish, and it was terrible. The pieces of beef were so tough (kinda like jerky) and it lacked any flavor beyond soy sauce and sugar. Lon got an appetizer that was so flavorless. There was some rice and minced chicken and pepper wrapped in banana leaf but all the ingredients tasted like they were boiled in plain water separately and then pressed together. It came with an excessively sweet peanut sauce. His main course was fried spare ribs that were also very one dimensionally flavored. This place is the Thai equivalent of crappy Chinese take-out.

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