Recently Jessica and I have become more respectful of B.R. Guest Restaurants. Particularly since our Barça 18 review. We’ve realized there is a specific niche in the NYC restaurant price spectrum for B.R. Guest, they seem to acknowledge that spot and fill it perfectly! The formula includes, decently good service, decently good food, generally attractive and usually modern decor, a well stocked bar, and prices in the $40-50 per person range. They’re slightly more pricey than average and slightly better than average. And most important, they are consistent.

Well, it seems they’ll be launching a new venue to try out the formula. It’s called Primehouse Primehouse. I noted the location walking to work this morning. It’s just down the block from another B.R. location: Dos Caminos, one of their restaurants that did not work for me.

I’m interested to see how this works out for B.R.; there are so many steakhouses in NYC, and many are great, such as Dylan Prime. But one of the best, BLT Prime, is not very far from Primehouse’s new location. We’ll have to keep an eye on this bullfight, err, bison fight.

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