This morning I opened our fridge and thought about what I could concoct for Jessica who was still sleeping (long training yesterday for a marathon). I pulled out half an onion, a yellow pepper (that Jess had already cleaned and cored), some lox, corn tortillas, mayo, and recaito.

After dicing the yellow pepper, finely dicing the onion, and chopping the lox; I tossed them together. Setting them aside, I then set to work on the dressing. I whisked about a tablespoon of mayo with a teaspoon of recaito. Then as I continued whisking, I thinned the dressing with Champagne & Strawberry Vinegar. Finally I seasoned it with garlic powder and black pepper.

In a shallow pan, I started heating about 1/8 cup of vegetable oil over medium heat. Meanwhile, I got out some corrugated, circular cookie cutters (that also make for great alliteration), and cut rings from the corn tortillas. From two six-inch tortillas, I got six 2.5″ rings and two 2″ rings. I fried the tortilla cut-outs for about 15-20 seconds per side and then sprinkled them with table salt while they drained on paper towel.

Finally, to assemble these treats, I spread a bit of the dressing on the plate where each stack would go (to hold them in place) and placed the darkest, large cut-out on each. Then I started stacking the lox filling and a cut-out (with some of the dressing on it). And I topped it with the smaller cut-out.

The results were delicious and beautiful! New Yorker’s will appreciate the raw onion in the lox (a classic combo here), otherwise a green onion might serve better, as it’s a bit tamer and adds more color. Have a fun Sunday!

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