Last night we sampled a new product line from Godiva: Chocoiste. The theme of the line is focusing on packaging yum yum for the tum tum of an individual (that’s industry parlance for ‘delectable’). For instance, an individual chocolate chip cookie, with rich chocolate laced over the top (half of which was available at the time I snapped the photo, at right, burp). That cookie was outstanding; Jess thought it was average. The cookie, and other bakery goods, such as the chocolate-dipped marshmallow, may only be available at Godiva stores.

Another item in the line are domes: almost chip-shaped sandwiches of flavor and chocolate. I tried the raspberry. While we all agreed the white chocolate was great, the raspberry was almost undetectable.

Other items in the line include a set of pearls: little balls of chocolate, with various flavors. I tried the mint; they were enjoyable, much more subtle (and enjoyable) than the chocolate Altoids I had the other day. The pearls seem to be available in many flavors, and I dig on the box, which was designed for easy opening and closing.

In the end, we were all chocolated-up and thoroughly enjoyed our Godiva treat. I recommend you go ahead and try it yourself!

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