Chickpea Chickpea is more expensive than your average falafel & shawarma joint. Some of their products are worth it and some aren’t. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t get:

Falafels – Different people prefer different sized falafel balls. These are the smaller ones and very fried but well flavored and seasoned.
Pitas -They make their own. Super fresh!
Sauces – The tahina sauce and hot sauce are both good.
Chickplant Sandwich – I had this a while ago and I remember liking it.

Don’t bother with:
Shawarma – Shredded into very small pieces and covered in way too much cinnamon.
Rice/Kasha – On the menu, some items are served over rice but it’s actually kasha and it’s not great kasha.

Chicken Kebab – I’d rather get this somewhere cheaper but not too bad.
Hummus – Nothing special

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