This is not my first post about energy drinks, but it is my first post where I focused on a specific flavor. On Wednesday I discovered “b-relaxed” flavor Vitamin Water. It is jackfruit and guava, and wow does it hit the spot for thirst. While the intense, natural sweetness of this new flavor makes it hard for me to imagine anyone relaxing, the overall effect is dead on.

You will absolutely feel like you’re drinking the perfect blend of guava’s body and jackfruit’s refreshing tang. In case jackfruit is new to you, it’s a particularly popular fruit in Southern Asia, particularly in India and Thailand. Actually, Thailand is where I first experienced it. And just recently again when Jessica’s mom brought back some dried jackfruit chips from her Southeastern Asia trip.

Anyway, run out to your local bodega and pick up a bottle or ten. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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