There’s rarely a restaurant where I won’t be eager to try. But of all types of restaurants, the ones that usually give me pause are sushi joints. Unlike pizza, there is such a thing as bad sushi, so you can’t blame me for pausing before wandering into Ten Sushi on East 31st Street Ten Sushi for lunch today. It’s a small side street, with lots of construction happening, and they have a small door. But, I did go in, and I’m glad I did! I’ll share my experience with you, and if you go try it, you’ll be glad I did as well.

When you first walk in, you’ll immediately be hear the standard greeting and then notice that it looks like every other sushi joint in Manhattan, except that there is an eerie, blue glow. After a while your eyes adapt, but at first you’ll feel like you’re in The Matrix, except it’s blue, not green.

After a quick review of the menu, which had some interesting looking rolls on it, I ordered the sashimi bento box; Sal ordered a lunch special along with a scallop nigiri and salmon roe nigiri; and Travis ordered a shrimp teriyaki. All of our portions were perfect, if not slightly large, for lunch. I noticed Travis’ plate had nine good sized shrimp on it, definitely a good portion. Also noticeable was the cut of Sal’s scallop nigiri– they looked so good I was going to order some, but figured I had enough food.

My sashimi bento was enjoyable. The fish were standard size and definitely fresh. The gyoza were freshly steamed and while I’m sure they were, they didn’t actually taste like they had just come out of a frozen package. The only upsetting part of the experience was that they wouldn’t allow me to pay to upgrade from the standard California roll to one with fish in it. Happily the Cali roll turned out to be large and delicious with very fresh avocado inside.

All in all, the meal was enjoyable and I’ll definitely go back.

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