After a visit to consistent ole Veselka Veselka for some schnitzel and barley, Justin and I walked off some of the Ukranian goodness by going the some three blocks to Sundaes & Cones Sundaes & Cones on 10th Street. Being 70-year-old alter kockers (trapped in 20-somethings’ bodies) we argued over who ate there first, that was our work out to build an appetite.

Justin satiated his appetite with the chocolate chip in the sugar cone for which he received my utmost ridicule. Who goes to an Asian-inspired ice cream shop and passes over the ginger, sesame, taro, wasabi, and 20 other distinctive flavors for the plain jane? I went for two scoops in a cup– one mango and the other honeydew.

Having eaten there many times I can summarize S&C; easily: a fight of cream and sugar to out do each other in your mouth. At first you’ll think the creaminess of the ice cream will over power your palate, but the sugar stings your tongue. It’s an intenseness that I recommend limiting. So when you need that hardcore dessert, this is your joint, but unless you’re a sugar junky, only go a few times a year. Also, for such a huge store, it’s quite poorly laid out, with only a few seats.

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