Wanting to make cookies one night, I looked for a recipe that would use the ingredients I had at the time. I found a Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie recipe on AllRecipes.com that had good reviews. I mixed up the batter and started baking them. They came out looking way too dark but tasted good so I tried to play with the next tray by turning off the convection. Bad idea! They spread way too much and became super thin. They were really difficult to remove whole from the cookie sheets too.

I brought the better cookies (still too dark) in to work for my co-workers but had several super flat cookies left at home. They did taste good so I didn’t want to throw them away… and then I came up with the perfect thing for them.

I bought a pint of Stonyfield Farm’s Creme Caramel ice cream (too sweet for me) and made ice cream sandwiches. They came out great! The cookies were perfect for ice cream sandwiches because you could bite through them easily so that the ice cream didn’t squeeze out. The flavors matched really well and I salvaged the cookies!

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