Sometimes you want a hot beverage to chat over, and in that case Starbucks can be your savior– due to their comfy furniture, not due to their burnt, nasty coffee or overly sweet drinks. So when Bill and I were looking for a place to sit and chat after watching Regis Philbin interview Don Rickles at the 92nd Street Y last night, we headed towards the location at 85th & Lexington Avenue. But literally, with our hand on their door, we looked across the street and decided to sit down at Galil Moroccan instead.

Galil Moroccan Galil Moroccan is a glatt kosher restaurant in a prime neighborhood (read: Jewish). It was buzzing with patrons at 9:30 on a Thursday night. We grabbed a table for two and ordered the Small Combination Platter which includes Hummus, Tehina, Babaganoush, Eggplant, Moroccan Salad, Tabbouli, Carrots, and Beets, I might be forgetting something. They also delivered three piping hot pita to the table. The pita were soft, doughy, and delicious, and again, piping hot. While they don’t make them on site, they are fresh from the oven and are great. Each of the salads were more delicious than the other. The tehina was incredibly cream and rich. The babaganoush (which I felt there wasn’t enough of) was strong and aromatic. And the tabouli was herbally and crisp. We both really enjoyed it and commented on how it would make a great lunch in and of itself. And at $11.95 it is decent price for glatt kosher. The only downside was the quantity of pita, we really needed one or two more.

Afterwards, we both enjoyed some Moroccan Tea and shared Baklava. The baklava wasn’t the biggest or best I’ve had, but it was distinctive and tasted good, but not worth the $5 price tag.

Overall, Galil earned my respect for good food. Since it’s a few blocks from my sister Kasi who keeps kosher, maybe we’ll go back for a full meal.

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