The FDA has issued temporary warning to avoid consuming Monkfish. There are some people out there, like my Mom who coincidentally mentioned it this past weekend, who won’t eat Monkfish (a.k.a Goosefish) because they think it contains toxins– it doesn’t. What is risky is eating Pufferfish (a.k.a. “fugu” in sushi parlance). Pufferfish contains tetrodotoxin, which has no antidote and results in a terrible death from respiratory failure.

Well it turns out that the real danger, is not really in eating either, but rather lies in dealing with humans– because we’re dumb and make lots of mistakes. The reason for the current problem seems to be that someone has mislabeled this China-imported Pufferfish, containing toxins, as Monkfish.

Is it me or does China seem to be having tons of trouble with food and food safety lately? We’ve seen pet food recall, poisonous toothpaste, and endangered species on the menu— that’s just in the last few weeks! No surprise that the ex-chief of food and drug safety in China got the death penalty?

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