Ok, I know we’re not here to talk finance… but, since I just wrote about Vitamin Water (the primary brand from Glaceau) and I’ve mentioned the energy drink market before, this seems relevant. Yesterday, Tata Tea, in an impressive show of investment savvy, sold their 30% stake in Glaceau to Coca Cola for USD$1.2 billion, giving them roughly a 77% return in under 10 months and allowing them to potentially clear the debt from one of their major brands, Tetley.

Personally, I’m not excited about this sale. Glaceau products are wonderful because of their independent style. This is apparent in the ingredients in their products, the flavors they release, and the marketing (even the writing on the bottles themselves). If Coca Cola leaves them alone, or perhaps only aids in better, more efficient distribution, hopefully the product will maintain it’s quality. But if Coca Cola pushes for more profit through terrible ingredients like the ones they put in their own products, all the current Glaceau fans are going to suffer.

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