The place informally known as Burger Joint Burger Joint, hidden in Le Parker Meridien, seems so out of place in a fancy hotel. Yet, they manage to get long lines of people waiting for their very limited menu: burger, cheeseburger, grilled cheese, fries, brownies, and milkshakes. I think that’s it (with some other beverages). They have signs up to tell you how to order and a sign that says, “We don’t spit in your food so please don’t write on our walls.”

Becky, Lon, and I decided to try our luck tonight and the line was actually short. Lon thinks it gets busier at night, but I think the drastic price increase may have something to do with it. Since this Daily News article was written, prices have gone up to $6.50 (hamburger), $7 (cheeseburger), and $3 for french fries.

The burgers are good for a regular sized burger. It’s cooked correctly, tastes like it’s grilled, and the toppings are fresh. The french fries are thin and crispy, just the way I like them. It’s a bar-like atmosphere and you have to seat yourself after you get your food at the counter.

I’m glad I experienced Burger Joint once but now I’m over it.

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