We do not like wasting food, but unlike me, Jessica is not crazy about eating left-overs. Personally, I could sit and eat left-overs hot or cold all day long. In a compromise we try to convert most left overs into new dishes and we have lots of fun doing it! It’s a bit like “Iron Chef”: we open our fridge and try to clean out as much as we can into dishes.

Last night we were pretty full from our lunch at Downtown Atlantic, so we didn’t want a huge dinner. I opened the fridge and found left-over scallion mashed potatoes, half of a sad-looking lime, chicken wings from two chickens I had butchered recently for grilled chicken, and red pepper hummus that Jessica had made a few weeks ago.

I set out two flat bowls (something these bowls): in one I whisked a large egg and in the other I combined Italian bread crumbs, garlic, cayenne pepper, curry powder, dried parsley, table salt, and black pepper. I then rolled the mashed potatoes into balls in my hands, ran them through the egg, and then coated them in the bread crumbs. These were placed onto a Pam-sprayed baking sheet (we use the Airbake sheets, they’re great) and baked at 400 degrees F for about 30 minutes.

Then I took out the wings, and coated them with a bit of flour and baking powder– this really dries their surface perfectly in order to get a better breading. Then they went through the egg and into the breading. In the mean time I headed some vegetable oil in a wok. Going with the evening’s theme, I had some reserved vegetable oil used twice previously for making other fried goodies. They cooked for about five minutes and then I continued cooking them in the oven for ten minutes.

When the potato balls were done, I topped them with lime juice, and plated with the chilled red pepper hummus. It was a perfect dressing and the plate looked great. We ate the potato and chicken along with a delicious salad that Jessica whipped up in no time. It ended up being a bit more food than we had planned for, but it was wonderful and consumed our left overs.

See more pictures in the Flickr photoset.

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