Good Taiwanese food is hard to find and Laifood had been a staple for my family for years. Sadly, it closed. Over the years, there was a couple of changes in ownership/managment while interest over the restaurant dwindled. Recently, my mom heard that the food was good again so we decided to give it a shot.

It’s now called Lau’s Seafood in English but the Chinese name (Hai Dz Way) remains the same. The menu is almost exaclty the same too. The food did taste different than the original Laifood, some better, some worse, and some equal but different. The Oyster Pancake and the Basil Snails were amazing while the minced pork on rice and the fried squid fell short. The whole fish in bean sauce was very good and the Taiwanese version of mooshu pork came with impressively thin and tender crepes. The chicken roll, Taiwanese Mai Fun, and possibly some dishes that I am now forgetting were standard. It was Lon’s first time eating Taiwanese food and my mom got carried away ordering. I was happy enough with this representation of Taiwanese food and Lon will happily eat Taiwanese food again.

While not every dish at this restaurant is perfect, the prices certainly justify trying it, especially if you haven’t had Taiwanese food before.

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