Jamaican Beef Patties have less ingredients than I thought — all things you would likely have in a normal pantry. This recipe yields a yummy curry-flavored patty that has a beautiful golden color. The dough is tender, flaky, and flavorful and I definitely recommend trying it. However, I do have some notes for you.

The dough was very hard to work with so I would suggest chilling the dough before rolling it out and filling it (much like pie dough). Also, the recipe does not give instructions for what to bake it on and how to prepare the baking pan. I used a flat cookie sheet and put wax paper (or parchment) on top. Be very careful removing the patties when they are hot because the dough will break but taste very good. It’s also great to have leftovers. They reheat in the oven and taste just as good.

For more images of this great dinner, have a peek at the Jamaican Dinner set in Flickr.

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