Grand Central Terminal in New York City is a phenomenal place to visit for many reasons. I always recommend that tourists try to stop by and stand in the main entrance way for a few minutes around 8:45am on a weekday. There is nothing like feeling 2 million people pass by you in a matter of an hour. As things slow down you can wander around and enjoy the massive space, beautiful light, remarkable architecture, and linger in the long history. However, if you’re New Yorkers (prounced “Nu Yawcuz”) you probably breeze through and skip all that.

If you’re savvy though, like us, you’ll stop every now and then and smell the roses, or in our case, the food. There are lots of great shops in GCT, and amazingly, they’re prices aren’t that bad! We stopped by the Super Runners’ Shop after a swing dance class hosted by Dr. Jerry Feldman. But the market called out to me, so we wandered in that direction.

Along the way, we stopped in at Oliviers and Co., a.k.a. O&Co; to sample olive oils. They offer a decent selection of oils and vinegars, and related products. I find them to be very trust-worthy and of consistently decent quality, although offering nothing too remarkable. I do love their bottles. Anyway, after tasting about 10 oils, we needed a palette cleanser, and the exceptionally helpful clerk offered a tasting of balsamic. Jessica and I jumped out of our shoes at the same time and screamed “We’ll take that!” It was a thick, sweet, seven-year old balsamic that was pure syrup sensation. The Premium Balsamic Vinegar is available on O&Co;’s site for $32 (same in the store) for 8.5 oz– it may sound like a lot, but it’s worth every penny!

Afterwards we strolled through the market, I wanted to stop by Penzey’s, but before we got there I found myself at the Koglin counter. I swear that counter gets me every time! We picked up four links of Weisswurst and two of breakfast sausage that looked interesting. I’ll find out about the breakfast sausage tomorrow morning… for breakfast. But the other will make its way into our dinner tomorrow night, along with a chicken that is now defrosting.

Penzey’s, our next stop, is the best spice shop (and catalog) I know of. The counter staff are consistently knowledgeable and friendly. Today, I wanted to pick up a dehydrated cheese powder to top my next batch of potato chips, last night’s chips were so good! Unsurprisingly they had four different types and let us sample them all. We chose the “Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle” and walked away with a big smile.

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