Using StumbleUpon, I came across a web page where someone took the time to compare the images of fast food products in marketing versus in real life, i.e. straight from the store. In this Ads vs. Reality comparison by Jeff Kay at the WVSR, it really shows how sad and gross fast food can be.

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Generally, I actually think the images of the real food were more impressive than I otherwise would have guessed they’d be. The two that were really sad though were the Arby’s “Beef ‘n’ Ceddar” and the Burger King “Whopper”.

In my experience with fast food, they do an unusually sad job with sandwiches, for some reason the prep cooks always seem to want to crush them. Weird.

p.s. This all reminds me of the time I got really excited for a huge breakfast sandwich Burger King was launching, some time ago. They kept advertising how huge it was. When I actually bought it it was smaller than a computer mouse, so I took a picture and emailed it around to friends. I can’t seem to find that picture, but it was pathetic.

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