On our way to dinner at Chanto, we discovered a new bakery called Birdbath. The owners of The City Bakery decided to put together a green bakery made with some recycled materials, some re-used, and energy conserving appliances. The walls are finished with milk paint and some products represent certain causes. I sampled their “Two-tone”, a blend of iced coffee and iced chocolate. It was delicious so I made a plan to come back after dinner.

After our 7-course meal, I was too stuffed to eat any more food so we bought breakfast for the morning. We tried the bear claw which is a claw shaped puff pastry with a stewed apricot filling. A percentage of the $4 will go to saving polar bears. That was my favorite. The ginger scone was too strong for both of us so we didn’t finish it. The 2 giant cookies were both too sweet for me but Lon liked both the chocolate chip and the oatmeal raisin cookie.

I was kind of dissappointed since I was hoping to really like this place but ended up not impressed. I’ll still be going to the original City Bakery for their amazing pretzel croissants!

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