I’m definitely a gadget guy. Unfortunately, I’m usually more interested in seeing them than buying them. Here’s one more on the want list: The Baker’s Edge Pan. Instantly, the unique design makes perfect sense and it’s great to see new ideas in the kitchen.

For those who want more edge surface area, this pan delivers. And it may even drop cooking time slightly for longer baking items. The official web site includes suggestions for various sweet recipes and, interestingly for a few savory ones, such as great looking lasagna (I definitely prefer outside edge on lasagna)! They say they’ll be releasing a special lasagna version soon.

While this one is only on my want list, since I haven’t tried it first hand yet, I do like that it’s gotten thumbs up from some organizations I respect such as America’s Test Kitchen, Slashfood, and Cooking for Engineers.

So if you’re ready, pick one up now, they’re only $34.

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