After checking Mezzanine, in Newark, NJ, as a potential wedding location, Jessica, her parents, and I zipped a few blocks over to Fornos of Spain for lunch. I have to admit my expectations were pretty low, after all, it’s in a very commercial area of Newark. But I was wrong, I really enjoyed Fornos.

The decoration is nothing extraordinary, but it’s not bad. The menu has a broad selection of seafood, meat, tortillas (Spanish omelettes), appetizers, and lunch specials. I instantly spotted several interesting items and selected the Pork and Clams– a combo I had never heard of. But there was a lot of eating to do before it even came time for that.

First the waiter took drink orders: Jessica and her mom requested hot tea, and one for her dad, but he was still parking the car. The waiter brought two teas, and waited for her dad before bringing the third. We snacked on green and black olives, wonderful hot bread with butter and rich olive oil, and fresh garlic bread. Then, in addition to the two breads, they brought a family plate of salad, with a light oil & vinegar dressing.

When lunch arrived, we were amazed at the huge portions and how the food was perfectly cooked. Jessica’s lunch was broiled scallops, 12 tasty whoppers. Jessica’s mom had a mixed seafood plate (actually served in a paella pan), topped with a moderately spicy tomato sauce. The sauce looked like a red Thai curry, but tasted like a Spanish treat, it was the best dish. Jessica’s dad had the shrimp in garlic sauce. It tasted good, but was extremely oily (more than a typical garlic sauce). My pork and clams was served over rich brown demi-glace with some pimiento, the pork was cooked just past medium, and while I prefer medium-rare for pork, the taste was great.

We were stuffed after the meals, especially because they also included mixed veggies (string beans, carrots, and zucchini), yellow rice, and home-made potato chips.

Overall, the prices were very good, the food was good, and the service was stellar. The wait staff to client ratio was amazing, and they did a perfect job. I would absolutely recommend trying it out if you happen to be in Newark. And, especially if you’re having a business meal (since just about everyone else there was). Jessica’s dad recommends the backup location of Spain Restaurant, a few blocks away. I’ll have to try that next time.

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