I just had lunch with my friend Emily at Buddha Bodai, a vegetarian place on Mott, near Worth. They have a selection of lunch specials for $6.75 and a long list of dim sum items from $2-$3.95 per plate. We chose to split a General Tso’s Vegetarian Chicken (with brown rice and a spring roll) and 3 dim sum plates.

The General Tso’s Veggie Chicken was actually great, to my surprise. Some people had raved about it on menupages but I rarely like fake meats. It was even better than regular General Tso’s because it wasn’t as oily and I didn’t feel sick after eating it. The sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves was good but I would’ve liked more filling. The steamed dumplings had a great dough but the filling was a bit too mushy. The Buddha Bean Curd was really good.

With tax and tip, it was $19.55 and us two little piggies didn’t quite finish the large lunch portions. The service was ehh…….well Chinatown style. The food was definitely good enough for the price points so I’d go back.

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