I finally go to go to Tour last night to eat my beloved Brie Truffle Sauce fries, and to try out their new menu.

The fries are still the best thing in the world! The Blackberry and Blood Orange Mojitos were nice but most of the food is just so-so. I didn’t like the pulled pork arepas I got. Their version of the arepa didn’t taste like anything but deep-fried tastless starch substance. The pork was ok. Lon got the braised short ribs in mole sauce. It wasn’t short rib and the beef was not braised but Lon like the sauce. It came with what they call a sweet sticky rice but I thought it was a gross mushy rice. The fried baby bananas were cute. Carol ordered the chicken fried chicken which was fried nicely and very well seasoned but I can get good friend chicken for 1/4 of the cost or less. The collards and squash on the plate were ehh…I didn’t taste Sherry’s shrimp gyro but she also had their lovely fries on her plate and the waiter was nice enough to bring us a saucer of the brie truffle sauce. Yum!

I’m sad to see that they didn’t keep the duck meatloaf but they still have some of the same cute waiters and I’ll keep going back for those Disco Fries!

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