This might be the only blog entry where I’ll talk about the service more than the food but let’s just get the food stuff out of the way:

The appetizers at Tio Pepe were good but most of the entrees were just ok or bad. My entree was terrible! I got the seafood Salsa verde and the sauce was a disgusting starchy and tasteless soup poured all over the plate. The seafood was frozen and when they heated it, they didn’t heat it all the way through so I had mostly room temperature seafood with frozen centers and the shrimp were extra rubbery. It wasn’t cheap either. I think it was around $26.

The service was hilarious! The waiter couldn’t understand any English so we (6 people) just pointed to make our orders. With a little struggle we got through ordering appetizers but somehow an extra appetizer landed by us that no one had ordered so we sent it back. We were still only 6 people and waiting for 1 more person when we started ordering entrees. We tried to order for the last person which would total 7 orders but after going over the order with the waiter twice, he still only seemed to have 5 orders. I could almost understand if he had 6 orders since 6 of us were sitting at the table. Somehow we got across that we were ordering for another person with lots of gessturing but when the dishes started coming, there was a big confusion over Jeff and Pete’s dish. They had both ordered 2 different types of Paella and the restaurant had 4 or 5 types and the waiters were unable to identify which was which. 2 waiters and a busboy brought the dish back and forth from the kitchen so they could try to figure it out and kept coming back and insisting that the dishes were correct yet couldn’t tell us which one was Jeff’s and which one was Pete’s. With all the commotion, the manager finally came over. Luckily, he spoke English and we finally cleared it up. One of the dishes was Pete’s order and one was wrong so now Jeff had to wait for his to be made and the rest of us had our entrees.
We were all laughing along the way and no one got angry but in hindsight, it was terrible service!

When the bill came we saw the tip had been included and no one argued it. We even checked with the waiter that a certain number was actually the tip and then we paid by splitting it onto 2 credit cards and got ready to go. We were still standing in front of the restaurant chatting when a waiter came out and accused us of not tipping. First Lon cleared up that the tip was included on the bill. When he saw that, he then tried to claim that the 2 credit card payments didn’t cover the total which it clearly did and he couldn’t add so eventually it was cleared up. He left and we all laughed about the whole experience at Tio Pepe.

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