Hey Soccer Moms! What are you packing for game day?

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the best. No utensils needed, less to pack, and less to clean up. Plus, kids love them! The only question is how to make sure your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are made of healthy ingredients.

Let’s start with the bread. Sure whole wheat is healthier than white bread, but some kids are sensitive to the color of their bread. Stroehman’s new Soft & Tasty looks like white bread, is 100% whole wheat, and tastes good too.

When it comes to the filling, look for all natural ingredients without added colors and sugars. Cream-nut’s 100% natural peanut butter is made of only slow roasted Virginia peanuts and a dash of salt: no preservatives, no added sugar, and no extra oil. And on the other side of the bread, Harvest Song has a variety of preserves from Armenia. Without added sugars, they taste amazing, and are lower in calories than most popular brands.

It’s really important to get kids involved in packing their food. So together with my friends Ben, Hannah, and Max, we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Stroehman’s Soft & Tasty bread, Harvest Song Strawberry and Apricot Preserves, and Cream-Nut’s peanut butter. Instead of handing the kids knives, mix the peanut butter and the fruit preserves together into a squeeze bottle for fun and easy spreading. You love the sound of healthy ingredients but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much the kids will enjoy the taste of them. These healthy ingredients were a hit!

Some fun and healthy variations:

– Add sliced bananas or raisins to the sandwiches;
– Cut the sandwiches with cookie cutters for fun, edible shapes;
– Use one flavor of preserves on half of the sandwich and another on the other half;
– Make a triple decker!

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