In the last couple of weeks, I revisited 2 restaurants that I liked: Taste of Tokyo and Grano Trattoria. Both nights were disappointing because 2 very good and reasonably priced places had slipped.

Taste of Tokyo gave us very sloppy cuts of sashimi that were very tendonous and a much smaller portion of for the sashimi entree too. The experience was bad enough that I might not ever go back.

If you remember my old review on Grano, I had raved about this place! The fresh pasta was plated beautifully and tasted amazing! Lon ordered the same dish he had last time, a cavatelli with sausage and broccoli rabe, and it looked and tasted differently. It wasn’t terrible but closer to average. I ordered a maccheroni with meatballs and roasted eggplant which was tasty but the pasta was a bit overcooked and I barely noticed the eggplant. I know I’m going backwards now but our appetizer, a stuffed calamari was also just average and the bread basket was different too. It left me wondering if the chef had changed or was just out. The prices and portions are still good so I think I might give them another shot but I’m not sure……

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