Sat night was my fourth visit to Tabla spread over a 6 year time span. Each time, I’ve been less and less impressed with my meal, the first visit being superb and the last one being just ok and certainly not worth the prices.

The service is still fantastic. I did enjoy my seared calamari appetizer but Lon’s appetizer of hamachi was boring and both of our entrees weren’t very good. Lon had a dish with 2 types of pork and the unattractive looking dish was also a little hard to chew. My crab and skate “gumbo” was over-seasoned.

I’ve decided that the only part I would go back for is the dessert. The vanilla bean kulfi which I’ve had before is still fantastic. The fresh berries served with a yogurt is beautiful and well paired. And since we were there for a friend’s birthday, his wife had especially ordered a cake for the occasion which the pastry chef prepared. The rich layered mousse cake was excellent! It was rich with flavor and not too sweet. Each layer, crust, cake, cream, mousse, then topped with ganache, was not so special individually but the combination of textures and flavors was great.

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