***Daphne’s has moved again***
Daphne’s on 14th St has moved. It used to be this dirty looking fast food joint with cheap but good food, according to Lon. So after my cousin Olivia gave me an eye exam, we went towards Daphne’s for dinner – at their new location which none of us had been to. It now shares a space 2 doors East with another restaurnt. The restaurant in the back is more upscale and Daphne’s uses the bar area in front with less attractive tables, yet still better looking than their old location. It’s extremely confusing because there’s no barrier between Daphne’s and the other restaurant and the signage is not clear so it took a short conversation with the hostess to understand the set-up.

So we decided to eat in the Daphne area since it was way cheaper and I wasn’t in the mood for a fancy dinner when I could barely see (Olivia had dialated my eyes for the exam). I order the jerk chicken and Olivia and Lon both ordered Stewed Goat. Each entree came with rice and peas, some vegetables, and pieces of plantains. The jerk chicken and goat were both flavorful but luke warm. The rest of the plate was completely cold; not even room temp. It was actually cold like it came out of the fridge and sat on the counter just long enough to lose the chill! We also got some coco bread and a beef patty to share as an appetizer. Both were nice and warm and the patty was thankfully, not too oily.

I’m torn about whether or not I would go again because we went during a rainy night, labor day weekend, so I feel like normally they would be better… but on the flip side, there are so many more places to try and I wasn’t impressed.

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