This Greek place opened about 8 weeks ago and looks pretty nice, so I decided to make reservations just in case. I asked for 7pm for 4 people and they said, “oh, we don’t have a 7 open but you can have a 6:45 or 7:15.” So I thought, wow, pretty crowded for a Sunday night. When we got there, it was empty (1 table was taken) and no one else came in for another 30 minutes. By the time we left, it was still more than half empty.

Anyways…..the decor was nice and the waiter was attentive, maybe overly so. The food was very forgettable. Nothing was impressive but nothing was terrible. We got a few mezes and a few appetizers. The lobster with grape leaves was tasteless. The crispy pork, served with beets, and the octopus served with undercooked black-eyed peas, were both boring and under-seasoned but atlast the octopus was tender. The saganaki was good but not real saganaki.

The entrees were a bit better. Everything was cooked to the right temperatures but the flavors were boring. My dish came with a very nice portion of skate but there wasn’t enough sauce and the random pieces of sausage and mussels tucked here and there were a little odd and the flavors didnt really fit together. Lon’s veal was overly fatty although presented very nicely. It was served on a bed of fava beans in a bad mayo-based sauce that didn’t match the sausage stuffed veal. Pete also had skate and Jeff had halibut which I think is a boring fish anyway. The best part might have been my side of what they call Greek fries. It tastes like steak fries cooked in chicken fat and sprinkled with oregano and rosemary. I saw the herbs but didn’t really taste them but the fries were nice and crispy.

So….the food was quite boring but it was so nice to have dinner with some of my favorite boys, Lon, Jeff, and Pete.

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