The menu here at Gavroche very French and the wait staff wear cute red neckerchiefs. We wandered in unexpectedly because it suddenly started pouring rain so we didn’t continue towards our planned destination.

We started with the fish board which was an abundant portion of various smoked fish served with creme fraiche, capers, sliced red onion, a lemon, some mesclun greens, and grilled bread. It was delicious. The smoked salmon was flavorful and sliced nicely. The smoke trout was firm and and tasty. The smoked tuna was a great treat and something I had never had. The different combinations we made, topped on the bread was so enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the enjoyment of the meal ended there. When our entrees came, we were both dissappointed. The grilled leg of lamb I got was extremely tough and the the grill marks and charred taste overwhlemed the other flavors and all I tasted was the bitterness of burnt. Lon ordered the bouillabaisse and was already dissapointed when he tasted the rouille. It lacked flavor and came with 3 pieces of thumb sized toasts. The whole dish had an overwhelming amount of some unidentifiable flavor that made it impossible for me to eat. Perhaps the combination of too much saffron and too much celery? We did order a side of potato gratin with gruyere and it was pretty good but hte 2 entrees were so bad that I didn’t want any of Lon’s dish and I only ate 1/3 of the meat on my plate. It is extremely rare that I do not finish my plate and all the remains on other peoples plates! Needless to say, we will not be returning.

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