For Stephen’s (Lon’s brother-in-law) birthday, Kasi chose Mermaid Inn. Lon and I were happy to go again. The menu had changed a little bit but several items were still familiar.

For appetizers, Stephen and I both ordered the bacon wrapped scallops which were incredible. The 3 large scallops were cooked perfectly and wrapped with tasty bacon, also cooked perfectly, and the chef balanced the saltiness very well. Kasi ordered cod fritters and Lon ordered the tuna tartare. Both were very good but not memorable.

For entrees, Stephen ordered skate, Kasi ordered Salmon, Lon ordered the lobster sandwich and fries that we adored last time, and I ordered the spaghetti with shrimp and scallops. Kasi requested a side from another entree instead of the one that her salmon normally comes with and they were happy to do the substitution. Everything was plated nicely and everyone seemed happy with their meal. The lobster sandwich was just slightly saltier than last time but still delicious. Lon and I didn’t think the pasta had much flavor but the seafood was cooked perfectly. Mermaid Inn really knows how to cook their seafood!

The service was very good. The waitress even noticed that it was Stephen’s birthday (because he was opening gifts) so she stuck a candle in the the complimentary chocolate pudding. I would also like to point out that this is a great place to celebrate birthdays if you want to bring a cake because they don’t have a plating charge.

Stephen likes Beard Papa’s so we decided to head over there afterwards instead of birthday cake. We got some plain, some green tea (flavor of the day), and some strawberry. The strawberry cream was fantastic but I didn’t really like the choux pastry. It was too hard. The cream puffs at the UWS location are better.

Since Cold Stone Creamery is next door, I couldn’t resist. Kasi got her favorite, the birthday cake remix. I tried it and it was way too sweet for me. I ordered the strawberry shortcake and added bananas in. Even though there was only 2 strawberries in it, it was still delicious! The service was happy and friendly.

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