We liked the space at Gonzo and the service was good enough, but the food isn’t really worth going back for. We started with the small tasting plate (you can select 3 meats and/or cheeses from 17 choices). We got Ribiola, fresh mozzarella, and Cacciatorini with fig and fennel jam. The Ribiola tastes like a super version of whipped cream cheese. I loved it. The Cacciatorini is a fantastic sausage and goes perfectly with the jam. The mozzarella was very average but Lon pointed out that they did have very good olive oil.

After that, the meal went down hill……I got the Margherita pizza because grilled pizzas are what they’re supposedly known for. It was just ok. Too salty, and after my first piece, I wasn’t really interested in it anymore. Lon had the spaghetti with manila clams, also just ok. The food isn’t bad but the prices call for above average and most of it was not. The best way to decribe the meal is forgettable.

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