Crappy food, crappy service, and the place looks ugly too. If you have to eat at Cafe Charbon-Epicerie, first protest loudly, but if you’re still forced by friends or family to go (as we were), only order french fries or the shrimp Plancha appetizer.

The french fries were crispy and hot, just the way I like them. The Shrimp Plancha is 5 large shrimp, served with heads and shell on, a little spicy, and cooked perfectly.

Everything else was awful! Lon ordered duck confit which was really more of a very dry roasted duck leg with very little flavor. Kristine got a flavorless pile of mussels. Vinnie got steak tartare which was raw hamburger meat with ketchup and capers mixed in. Yuck. I didn’t try Steve’s steak but it looked over-cooked. I had the pork tenderloin which was drenched in an overly sweet sauce and over-cooked. It was served with a huge pile of ok mashed potatoes (even though the menu said gratinee) and the entire time, I felt like I was eating cafeteria slop. Oh, the table also shared the pate appetizer which was a below average and served straight out of the fridge.

The service was also horrible. The restaurant was fairly empty yet it took an extremely long time to get our entrees. The waiter didn’t understand what a 7 & 7 was (it’s only around 30-40 years old) and asked me to repeat my order approx 6 times.

The part that bothered us most was that Kristine had been to the restaurant before and had already said it sucked to Vinnie and Steve so I don’t know how we ended up going there when there are 9000 other restaurants in NY???

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