On Sat, Lon and I cooked with Kasi at her place for a little family gathering. We had a Middle Eastern inspired meal with hummus, baba ganoush, quinoia, chicken and beef kebabs, salad, grape leaves, and pita. I’ll try to post some pictures later. It was delicious.

On Sunday, Lon and I went to Carol’s apt to see her new kitten, Twinkie. We couldn’t find her for the first 10 min but she finally came out running inside a plastic bag. It was the funniest sight ever. The little kitten darted in and out of sight like a little cartoon. I barely got a good look at her but from what I saw, she was adorable.

The 3 of us headed out for dinner. Carol had noticed a new Bistro opened in the area and we’re glad she did. The waitress at Bistro Citron was a bit confused and the service was very slow but the food was very good for very reasonable prices. Lon and I shared an onion soup and Carol had her own. We all enjoyed the flavor of the soup but agreed that they need to add way more cheese. The salad Citron was fantastic: micro greens with beets, walnuts, onions, and blue cheese in a great vinaigrette. It was a healthy portion and plenty to share. Carol ordered the Ceasar salad which was plated beautifully in a thin bowl shaped shell, perhaps made of spring roll wrapper lightly fried? The dressing was delicious and did indeed include the flavor of anchovies. Lon ordered the steak au poivre which was tender, flavorful, cooked perfectly, and served with nicely cooked vegetables and an incredible potato gratin. The sauce was so yummy and perfectly portioned to the generous steak. I ordered mussels in a tomato, garlic,basil broth and added the french fries. The french fries were very good but I didn’t like the mussels that much. It was presented in a beautiful copper dome and it was a tremendous portion but approx 25% of the mussels were wimpy and not so fresh looking. Lon liked the sauce a lot but I wasn’t so impressed.

I enjoyed the rest of the meal enough to definitely go back and just know not to order the mussels. They had a very large variety for a bistro and yet didn’t stray from Bistro foods (some restaurants look like they have very random items that are out of place) so I’d like to try some more items.

The bill for all of us came to a little over $70.

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