Like any other little neighborhood Italian, you start off with bread at Borgo Antico. They offer a regular crusty bread, a focaccia, and bread sticks. The breads are warm and served with a fabulous sun-dried tomato spread.

We ordered the grilled calamari over arugula and cannelini beans to share. It was pretty tasteless but they did something really nice and split it for us onto 2 separate plates. The salad was not dressed at all so I wonder if they just forgot or if it was supposed to be like that.

Our entrees were a lot better. Lon had the Maltagliati (looks like flat parallelograms) with lamb ragu. The sauce wasn’t made in a particularly attractive way because the lamb chunks in brown sauce looked like dog food but the pasta tasted very good. It was definitely freshly made and had a fantastic texture. I ordered the duck breast in a fig and balsamic reduction served with spinach and mashed potatoes. The entire dish tasted terrific as each part individually and together. The duck was cooked perfectly and the sauce was the right balance. I would’ve enjoyed a few more pieces of fig since there was only 2 small slices but it was really a delicious plate.

The menu had a lot of very interesting looking items and the prices were very reasonable. The service was very good and since it’s only a few blocks away from our apt, it will probably be one of our neighborhood spots.

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