Barça 18 is really a well designed space. I loved the lights, the leather tables and seats, and the service was very good. The wait staff was dressed in yellow soccer jerseys in support of the world cup so I’m not sure what they normally wear.

We order 3 tapas and a paella to share. The first one was a crab meat “pizza”. It was ok the fried dough crust was flavorless and most of the ingredients were weak. We had the other tapas with our paella so they served us more as sides which worked out perfectly. The salt cod fritters were fried perfectly and came with a nice mayo sauce. The potato balanced out the saltiness and the texture was so smooth and hot inside. The fried pimientos were just lightly spicy and a bit salty. They were delicious paired with the seafood paella that came out nice and hot. The seafood was cooked very well and the flavor was good. We weren’t wowed by the paella but one of the better ones we’ve had lately.

The food here is very good, not amazing. But the space is wonderful, good service at very reasonable prices, making the experience very enjoyable. I would recommend this as a great client dining restaurant.

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