Janny and I have both been to Tomoe before but this was the best visit ever. There was no line! It was a little past 6 and we sat at the sushi bar. The waiter placed little bowls of marinated bean sprouts in front of us and we started to look through the menu.

Janny ordered the spicy crab appetizer and the sushi deluxe. I had the sushi/sashimi combo. We were both extremely impressed with the fresh and flavorful fish. It was even better than usual! I normally won’t eat tuna because I think it’s a tasteless fish but the tuna last night was delicious. I was in shock!

Every piece on my plate and Janny’s was wonderful and I was also impressed by the selection. Usually dinner specials/combos are just the same boring fish. I got 2 pieces each of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi, but also got, octopus, surf clam, tuna tar tar, and tamago. The sushi pieces were scallop, red snapper, whitefish, fish roe, a sweet shrimp sushi. It also came with half a roll (normally spciy tuna but I asked for yellowtail scallion)and all dinners come with soup or salad and a slice of watermelon at the end. I was so happy with the $35 dish, I want to go back this week!

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