It was super hot yesterday but the perfect opportunity to picnic since everyone was off from work for Memorial day: Xiu-Jing, Angie, Sheryl, Sara, Lon, Ice (my jack russell) and me… and eventually Shaun joined us after Sheryl and Angie looked for him for almost on hour.

We made sandwiches with ham, turkey, pastrami, American cheese, and provolone; 3 types of bread from Balthazar: a baguette, rosemary, and walnut; lettuce tomato, cucumber, and condiments. We had sides of Kettle Chips (Thai and honey mustard), watermelon and honeydew, an artichoke dip, and cupcakes.

We ate, talked, napped, walked, played with Ice…..and everyone was over-heating.
Eventually, Lon and I had to get back to cleaning, sorting, and repairing….since we just moved back in to the not-finished renovating apartment the day before.

After 2 trips to Home Depot (where all employees really know nothing about their field and mostly misguide you), we decided to just eat dinner next door at Outback. The free bread is really good and our waitress was super friendly and cheery. We ordered crab cakes as an appetizer. They came out nice and hot with tons of lump crab meat and a great sauce. The large portion suprised us and after 2 loaves of bread, we were already getting full. Lon’s chicken ceasar came with perfectly cooked chicken and fresh romaine but I didn’t like the dressing. It wasn’t Ceasar; it was parmesan cheese dressing. I got the house salad with the mustard vinaigrette. It was ok I guess and I knew it wouldn’t be great but I wasn’t hungry due to the day of eating and both of us were tired enough to fall asleep in our food.

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