After stuffing ourselves with BBQ, my parents asked us if we wanted to have dinner with them. We couldn’t turn down peking duck so we headed down to Chinatown. We had to wait about 15 minutes for a table but the duck was definitely worth it.

The other thing I love at Peking Duck House is the appetizer of shredded meat, seafood, and vegetables with mung bean sheets. I still haven’t found this dish at any other restaurant and I love it. It is so unique. A room temp dish presented beautifully with each ingredient separate so that you can toss it together yourself. The bright carrots and scallions bring color to the shredded pork, shrimp, jelly fish, shredded egg, mung bean sheets, and cucumber. It’s delicious.

The duck was also fantastic, especially the freshly made pancake/wraps that are served hot in a metal warmer. The crispy skin, juicy fat, and tender and flavorful meat convinced me to eat 4 of them wrapped with scallions, cucumber, and hoisin sauce. YUM! We ordered some other dishes which were all good but not fantastic: The soup dumplings were a bit doughy. The eggplant was a bit too mushy. The beef dish was over-fried with a sweet and spicy sauce. I think Lon really liked it but it was way too sweet for me.

I was still very happy with the duck but the air conditioning was blasting beyond my tolerance level so I was eager to leave. I highly recommend going though if you haven’t. It is a necessary experience.

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